Sunday, September 15, 2013

Lower Tiers

Lately I have been delving deep into government websites. At first I was just curious what I could find, but once I started looking into I got interested to see how our government functions, at least in part. What I found was a vast bureauc...racy. That does not necessarily make it a bad thing. Our lives, our laws, our society and our relationship in the world at large, all these large and complex matters result is a vast and complex system to manage all these elements.

  Out top tiers of government have problems. It is in the lower tiers of our government where the people who know what they are doing do their work. These are the people who took the time to learn their fields of expertise and then instead of moving to the public sector took their skills and went to work for us. It is unlikely they made this choice because they thought it would lead to fame or riches. They run our government on what, to the outside observer, appears to be an automatic process. On the ground level it is complex and time consuming, and it gets done with our money for our benefit. Could it be done better, of course, but could it be worse? Oh yes, it could be much worse.

  I have attached a sample of what I have been looking at. This is a report from the Government Accountability Office. It is only forty pages, but represents a lot of work by many people on an issue that effects most Americans.